Focused on Your Future Christian Life Ministries, Inc.!


“When a woman knows and embraces her unique purpose and immeasurable worth, there are no limits to the things that she can accomplish!” – Rev. Ereletheia Allen


Focused on Your Future Christian Life Ministries, Inc. (FoYFCLM), a 501c3 non-profit organization, is devoted to helping women around the world discover and embrace their unique purpose and worth. The ministry was created specifically to ENCOURAGE, INSPIRE and EQUIP women in their daily lives by sharing the love of God and ministering to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of women around the world.

Additionally, FOYFCLM, aims to help women see themselves as the fearfully and wonderfully made vessels that God’s Word declares that they are. It is our desire that every woman embrace and know that:

1) She is loved by God;

2) She has a unique purpose;

3) She has immeasurable worth;

4) God desires to heal her and make her whole &

5) God desires that she lives life VICTORIOUSLY!

Regardless of what has happened in her past, FoYFCLM aims to let every woman know that her past does not define nor dictate what God can do in her future. We desire that every woman experience the unconditional love of God and know that her best is yet to come!




For years, I’ve encountered women who don’t fully see themselves as the wonderfully unique creatures that God created them to be…I myself was one of them. As I began to fully understand who I am in Christ, I felt a since of liberation. The ability to be me, fully and freely without shame or guilt. I felt free to pursue my passions… free to pursue my callings and my dreams… free to speak my mind… free to share my testimonies… free to be the person that God created me to be. I began to understand that I may not be like the next person and it’s ok. I began to understand that God created me and equipped me to do something specific to make an impact in the world. It is my passion to help other women see themselves as the jewels that God created them to be; to help women discover their passions and walk into their God given purpose.

– Rev. Ereletheia S. Allen, Founder Focused on Your Future Christian Life Ministries, Inc.