3 Things Every Believer Must Know When in the “FIRE”

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Good morning!

In this life, it is a guarantee that at some point or another, we will go through trials and afflictions. And as I was reading in Daniel Chapter 3, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me the fact that though we may go through the “fire” there are some truths that every believer MUST know and hold onto even while in the fire.

1) You are not alone – God is with you. He has promised to never leave you nor forsake you.

2) God has already rendered the “fire” powerless to destroy you. – The very thing that was meant to destroy you, simply b/c the Lord is with you, He has already declared that your “fire” does not have the power to destroy you.

3) You are coming out of your firery furnace! – Know that because God is with you and the “fire” doesn’t have the power to destroy you, that YOU ARE COMING OUT! At the appointed time, God is going to bring you out… Not only will He bring you out, He will bring you out and you won’t even look like all that you have been through. He will bring you out in front of a crowd, so that you can be a witness to others of God’s GREAT love for His children as well as His miraculous keeping power!

Be encouraged to know that God loves you and because of His GREAT love He’s got you!