An Assurance of Victory

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Happy October!

No matter what it looks like or even feels like right now, you have an ASSURANCE of VICTORY!

How can I be so sure without even knowing the details of your situation? Well for starters, scripture tells us that we have an Assurance of VICTORY! See the thing is, even when life brings situations our way that cause us to feel less than victorious, we must remember that we can’t trust our feelings because they are fickle. Our feelings change based on our circumstances. Instead we have to rely on what we know… We have to rely on the truth of God’s WORD.

I just want to remind you to always know that even in the face of trials, adversity and what may seem to be eminent defeat, the Bible declares that we have an Assurance of Victory!! We have an assurance of Victory because God is for us, God loves us and ultimately because of Christ’s victory at Calvary!

Let’s look at this a little closer…

1) We have an assurance of victory because God is for us! (Rom 8:31) – Ladies, the fight is not even a fair fight because the fight is slanted in our favor. Since God is for us, this means that the King of Kings and Lord of Lords is on our side. The One who knows all and sees all is on our side. The One who is GREATER than everything and everyone is on our side. When opposition comes our way, it is the Lord who is navigating our path around the snares and pitfalls of the enemy. It is God who is intercepting the darts meant for our destruction and re-purposing them for our good! We have an assurance of victory because the Lord is for us and fighting for us.

2) Secondly, we have an assurance of victory because God loves us! As a demonstration of his love, God gave us the very best He had. (Rom 8:32) God gave us his only beloved Son, Jesus Christ. When we were still enemies of God (Rom 5:10, Col 1:21), He was demonstrating His love for us. His willingness to give us His best, even when we weren’t even thinking about living for Him, indicates to us that there is nothing that He wouldn’t do for us. This shows us that God’s love for us is not based on our ability or even willingness to love Him back. His love for us is unconditional and there is absolutely nothing that can separate us from His love!

3) Lastly, we have an assurance of victory in all that we face because Christ defeated sin at Calvary! We have an assurance of victory because the devil is a defeated foe! (1Cor 15:55-57) Ultimately God prevails and the devil looses. The devil is well aware of this so he does everything that he can to cause us to forget this. But we must never forget that because of Christ we have been redeemed and restored back to Him. (Salvation) Because of Christ, we are now the sons (daughters) of God. (Identification) Because of what Christ did at Calvary we are no longer be defenseless against the schemes and wiles of the enemy. When we accept Jesus Christ as Saviour, we are also filled with the fullness of His authority and power by way of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. (Empowerment & Authorization) We must know that He (Holy Spirit) that resides inside of each of us is GREATER than anything that we shall come up against in this world! (1 John 4:4)