Give God Your Brokeness

As I sit and reflect over the last couple of years of my life all I can do is give God all the glory. See b/c there was a point that I was so broken that I didn’t think that God could ever use me. I was wearing a mask and all looked fine from the outside but inside I was broken and crying. I was wallowing in guilt and shame. I was hurting but didn’t know how to cry out for help.

But I thank God that the Bible assures us that God is near unto the brokenhearted. I’m thankful that the Bible assures us that He will take our ashes and exchange them for beauty. I’m thankful that God used my brokenness for His glory!!

See because it was during my season of brokenness that I truly was able to draw close and receive His healing. It was through my pain that my purpose was birthed. It was during the lowest season of my life that my relationship with the Lord was intensified and truly became personal.

So I share this to encourage someone this morning who may feel that you are broken. You may be hurting and unsure how you will ever move forward. I say to you that you are actually in the perfect place to be used by God. You are in the perfect place to experience the peace that only He can give. You are in the perfect place to receive divine healing from the inside out. Cry out to Him as you are… give God your brokenness and let Him build you as He desires.
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Never forget your “WHY?”

When journeying through life, one thing is certain, you will have some rough times. And it’s during these times when life get rough, that you must never forget your “WHY?”

What is your “WHY,” you may ask? Well your why, is the reason that you do what you’re doing. Your why, is what motivates you and compels you to go forward… It is that thing that says that what you are doing is worth it!

When you focus on your why in the midst of life’s journey, it makes it easier to avoid the temptation to fall prey to the distractions and disappointments on your journey. When you focus on your why, when life says it’s not worth it, your why will remind you that it ABSOLUTELY IS! When you focus on your why, when others says you can’t do it and you’re tempted to give up, your why will remind you why you ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT GIVE IN!

So I encourage you today to remember you “WHY.” Why did you start this journey? Why was it so important that you start? Why did you deem it necessary to do what you are doing? Remember your WHY and use it to motivate you and encourage you to finish strong!

Learning to trust the Lord

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart;There comes a point in every believer’s life when the Lord will allow you to see, exactly what your faith is made of. There comes a point, when the Lord will allow you to see, if you truly possess all that you profess. This year, has been that point in my life.

I’ve long declared that Proverbs 3:5-6 was my favorite scripture. I’ve studied it many times. I can quote it forward and backwards. I thought I knew and understood exactly what this scripture was all about. But I was soon to learn the true meaning of the verses I’d quoted so freely over the years.

For some time I’d been sensing that the Lord was leading me to ministry for women, so I was kinda, sort of doing it on the side, after work, whenever I felt like it or had time. But this year in April I was laid off from my job. When I got laid off, I was faced with the decision of what to do next. My mind said get another job because we have bills to pay, but my spirit kept saying ministry. I wrestled for a long time as to what I should do. Seeking jobs, only never to hear anything in response; sure leads which led to dead ends… until eventually, I yielded to that which I knew the Lord wanted me to do. I stepped out in faith to do the ministry that I felt the Lord leading me to full time. It was time that I stopped simply quoting Proverbs 3:5-6, but began living it out DAILY.

Since that time, my faith in the Lord has grown tremendously. He’s shown me how often in times past, I thought I was trusting in Him, but more often than not, I was trusting in my own ability to do. He’s shown me just what He is able to do when I step out of the way and allow Him to be Lord in my life. In times past, I was one that would get overwhelmed easily and began to worry and doubt easily. (I guess I wasn’t trusting as much as I thought I was, huh?) But as He’s taken me on this journey of really living out His Word, I don’t find myself getting overwhelmed or worrying like I used to. This is not to say, that I’m oblivious to the things around me or even that they don’t tug on me, but I’ve learned to see situations for what they are and then say, “Lord, I’m turning it over to you,” then step out of the way for Him to work them out as He sees fit.

As much as I’ve grown, I know that I haven’t “arrived.” This is a continual journey that for as long as I’m blessed to live, there will always be new challenges presented to me to stretch me and grow me beyond my current level of faith. So come as they may, I’m even more resolved than ever that I will trust in the Lord, with ALL my heart and lean not to mine own understanding. In my way acknowledge Him and I know that He SHALL direct my paths!

Embracing Your Uniqueness

Have you ever felt like what works for everyone else, just doesn’t seem to work for you?  It seems like everyone is going left but you feel led to go right?

No matter how hard you try  to fit in, it seems like you just can’t.

Let me let you in on a secret… you weren’t created to fit in.  Instead you were created & designed to be unique.  You were created to add your own special unique special twist and bring something that is uniquely ‘you’ to the world.

This is why, no matter how hard you try to do it like “they” do it, you’ll never get it quite right.

When God created you, He created you for a unique purpose that only YOU can fulfill.  There is something that YOU were created to do that ONLY YOU can do; a need that only you can fulfill.

So embrace your uniqueness!  Whatever it is about you that makes you different, celebrate it!  Embrace your ideas, embrace your dreams, embrace your passions.  Remember that God created you intentionally as you are.  There is a unique gift that you have to offer the world, so don’t shy away from the things that make you who you are.  Embrace them and share them with the world.  The world needs you.  Somebody’s life is depending on it!