The Present

Imagine every year that you gave a beautiful present to your favorite child. This is no ordinary gift. This present represents your endless love for that child. As such, you took time and filled the present with little surprises for the child to enjoy as he/she takes the time to explore all that is contained within the present. Each year, you excitedly present your gift of love to this child with hopes that they would explore all that is contained therein. The child, who has been anticipating the gift all year long, eagerly takes the gift and unwraps it. However, instead of taking the time to explore all that is contained within the present, he/she places it to the side and begins to anticipate the next present, overlooking many of the treasures that were placed inside for them to enjoy. Although disappointed, your endless love for the child causes you to continue to give a present in hopes that one day they will take the time to cherish and explore all that is contained inside.

The child mentioned above seems pretty ungrateful huh? Unfortunately, far too often you and I are like this ungrateful child. Each day God grants us a new present. A new moment filled with experiences for us to treasure, moments for us to grow and time to enjoy. But like the ungrateful child, we often overlook the present in anticipation for our “next” in our future.

While looking forward and planning for our future is a great thing, we must ensure that we don’t overlook and dismiss all that our present has to offer us. God has lovingly placed in our present the building blocks that are needed for our future. So with each passing day, let us be sure to live in the moment. Let us enjoy the gift of the present and explore all that God has wrapped inside of it for our sake. Take time to laugh, to cry, play, observe the beauty in nature and cherish family and friends.

Let us not be like the ungrateful child who never took the time to acknowledge and explore the loving present given to us by our Heavenly Father. Let us take the good times of our present and cherish them as pleasant memories. Let us take the difficult times of our present and use them as lessons on overcoming. Let us take the painful moments of our present and use them as times to draw close to our Heavenly Father for comfort. Whatever the circumstance, explore all that the present has to offer. Yes your future may be brighter, but never forget that your present is the foundation to your future!

A New Day Brings New Opportunities

Today is a day that you’ve never seen before. A day that is filled with new mercies. A day to start some things over, a new day to get it right. Another opportunity to make changes and improvements in our lives!! That’s good news! As a matter of fact that’s GREAT news! Regardless of how your yesterdays have been, today is a new day filled with new opportunities waiting for you to seize!

The fact that you woke up this morning means that you have outlasted and outlived your yesterday! So let us move forward in this new day, with renewed purpose, renewed determination and a renewed sense of gratitude! Thanking God for all that He has allowed us to experience in our past, but even more for the greatness that is to come in our future!