What is #UniquelyMade?

FoYFCLM is committed to affirming to every woman and young girl that she has immeasurable worth and a unique purpose that only she can fulfill. #UniquelyMade embodies this belief and is simply another way to spread this message and affirm to women and young girls that each of us are valuable and indeed #UniquelyMade.

As a way of spreading this message of affirmation to women and young girls, in 2015 the #UniquelyMade brand of apparel was launched with the goal of using the proceeds to fund scholarships for girls graduating from high school and embarking on college.

In 2016 we were blessed to be able to award our first scholarship to assist a young woman on her college journey. It’s now 2017 and we are looking to be a blessing again! Click below to download the 2017 scholarship application.
(Note: See scholarship application for full listing of eligibility requirements.)

Download Application