Take Jesus at His Word…

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I want to encourage you this morning to take Jesus at his word… literally!  Sometimes we hear God speaking and because we aren’t able to make sense of that which God is saying, we don’t grab hold to it in faith. 

Jesus’ disciples were guilty of this very same thing.  See the Bible tells us that Jesus told his disciples of his pending death and resurrection.   He told them that that the Son of man is delivered into the hands of men and they shall kill him and after he is killed, He shall rise on the third day.  Now Jesus couldn’t have made it any clearer than that as to what was to happen to him, but yet his words were so foreign/abstract to their human minds that they couldn’t understand it.  They tried to rationalize and make sense of what He was saying. See it was hard for them to believe that he would literally be killed b/c He was to be the one who was to save them.  Furthermore to say that He shall rise on the 3rd day, if He got killed what did He mean by saying He would rise?  How would that be possible?  And then three days later at that!

It was hard for them to believe because they couldn’t make sense of it in their own mind.  How often do we find ourselves in that same position with the Lord?  He says a thing and because it doesn’t make sense to us, or we are unable to rationalize how it could be true or come to pass, so we either don’t believe or believe half heartedly.  But yet that which He told his disciples is EXACTLY that which came to pass!!

So ladies,  what is the Lord saying to you this morning? Even though it might not make sense to you,  I encourage you to take Him at His word literally!!  Know that it doesn’t have to make sense to you,  in order for it to be possible for God!!!  Take Him at His word and watch Him do EXACTLY as He said!!!